Our Curriculum vision is captured in the phrase

 ‘Learning to embrace the future’.


We have developed a rich and vibrant curriculum that is based upon the following: 

Key drivers shape our curriculum and link directly to our Christian values:

  • Creativity – inspiring and building self-expression and confidence
  • Respect – for humankind and the environment
  • Compassion – understanding that leads to a call to action and change
  • Hope - learning to embrace the future


Big ideas link subjects through interconnected threads within learning journeys. Over time, they help children develop a deep understanding of all subjects and the interconnections between them:

  • Humankind - Understanding what it means to be human and the cause and effect of human behaviour.
  • Processes - Understanding the dynamic and physical processes that shape the world around us.
  • Creativity - Understanding how everyday and exceptional creativity can inspire and change perceptions.
  • Investigation - Understanding the importance of asking questions, formulating hypotheses, gathering information and analysing evidence.
  • Materials - Understanding the unique and physical properties of all matter and how we interact with them.
  • Nature - Understanding the complexities and interdependence of the plant and animal species that inhabit the world’s many ecosystems.
  • Place - Understanding the visual, cultural, social and environmental aspects of different places around the world.
  • Comparison - Understanding how and why things are the same or different.
  • Significance - Understanding why significant people, places, events and inventions matter.
  • Change - Understanding why and how things have changed over time.